Anti-Money Laundering

Our Mission and Goal

To guarantee the safe and reliable trading environment of all clients, Odin Forex has conducted extensive risk management on its capital, including the compliance procedures of anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC). The international AML regulations strictly executed make the illegal acts and the illegal activities that attempted to conduct financial transactions with Odin Forex capital. Our procedures can supervise any unusual or suspicious transaction to determine the amount of money that comes from illegal activities. Odin Forex capital will voluntarily report any suspicious transactions that may break the laws or regulations to respected authorities or governmental agencies. If Odin Forex capital reports any suspicious transactions, it is under no obligation to notify the people involved. Odin Forex capital may report the transaction records to proper organizations if: 1. the transaction is related to capital gained from illegal activities or its purpose is to conduct, hide or conceal the capital or any illegal activities derived from the capital.

The transaction is to evade any requirements of national tax.

The transaction intends to use a concealed nature of proceed or avoids the requirements of local affairs report.

The transaction does not have businesses or obvious legal purposes, or is not ordered according to the common expectation of a specific customer, or Odin Forex capital examines the usable fact after knowing that there are not reasonable explanations, including the backgrounds of transaction records and possible suggestions.

The transaction involves using Odin Forex capital services to assist criminal activities.

After collecting all relevant facts, Odin Forex capital reserve has the rights of submitting suspicious activity report (SAR) to proper organizations.

For all inquiries related to regulatory environment, please contact our regulatory compliance center at