CEO Profile

Dedicated to create the Most Professional, Most Impactful Financial investment Provider around the World

JOHN G GREENBERG is originated from Belgium; he possesses deep knowledge background in the financial industry and has been working for financial market for the past 10 Years in Belgium. In between the years, he had experienced aspects like financial researches, E-Finance, Financial Laws, Culture Law and charity works. Due to the increasing of current E-Commerce’s development in these past 10years, it has toppled down the traditional financial market which lead to changes that leaves many people helpless. This impact has agitate John to recruited people from all walks of life on the year 2008, immerging his years of experiences & technical advantages on the financial market, he established the corporate known as FX ODIN (ODIN MANAGEMENT GROUP).

JOHN G GREENBERG implemented a global strategic vision, to create an online platform for financial investment, the convergence of domestic professional authority, complete, industry data updating, mining research and ranking by financial data; with its own management research institute, covering the macro economy, market strategy, industry companies, financial products and other fields, select high-quality investment consulting in the world the multi level dimension stereoscopic evaluation system, with professional investment strategy, strict product research mechanism, provides the high quality service and first-class products for customers, for high net worth individuals to provide high quality, timely, professional and authoritative Investment Research Service

"We realised by having a safe & secured platform, only we are then able to develop & grow rapidly, get customer to obtain personal wealth creation, and fund security all of these have been the sacred duty of ODIN MANAGEMENT GROUP."

ODIN MANAGEMENT GROUP will bring a big impact by collaboration with BANKS and create a pure and direct internet platform that comprise of the accounting system, including the ERP system, so that customers can timely and comprehensive grasp of business financial data and provide financial services, financial enterprises will join the Internet service, it will more be reflected in the supply chain finance. The industry also provides cash management as the upstream and downstream industries, trade financing and other financial services

He emphasis, only with a positive 2B (To Business)financial service system, there will be chance to intercept 2C(To Customer) Users domain. In short, it will change the whole 2C Users like their operational framework, actualise banks, financial concerns, financial IT companies cross-border cooperation. The company professional team’s operation will also exhibit their special skill in their specific field that will help increase the value of internet financial services.

ODIN MANAGEMENT GROUP cooperate with all walks of life around the globe and combine among the strong ones. We all possess the common vision, dedicated to create World most professional, most impactful financial investment management ecosphere. We are committed to become the leader in the world among the financial industry and to create a whole new level of value among the society.