Affiliate program

The Odin Forex Partner program is your chance to step into a ready-made business opportunity on very favorable terms. It's an opportunity to make money no matter where you are located and regardless of the timing and frequency of your clients' trades. You will receive commission from each trade by a Client you have signed up Odin Forex uses a number of systems to calculate your rewards, depending on the type of account held by the Client you've signed up. If a Forex Micro account has been opened with your agent's reference then a percentage basis is used to work out your Partner reward. You will get commission at 35% or more from the spread of trades of each of the Clients you have signed up. Down the line, once you have become an Introducing Broker for Odin Forex and brought in a larger number of Clients you can increase the size of your reward since the percentage of commission received depends directly on the total trading volume of the Clients you've signed up. The flexibility of this approach means that we stand out favorably against other companies in the market by significantly improving our representatives' profits without this having a negative impact on their Clients' trading costs.

If you take the next step and sign a partnership agreement with Odin Forex, you're choosing reliability and high returns, as well as the following advantages:

  • Unique Partnership rewards
    You will get a percentage or a fixed amount from the trades of your Clients and from secondary level Clients (that is to say Clients signed up by your Clients).
  • Instant commission payments
    As soon as a Client's position is closed, your commission is immediately credited to your account, regardless of the timing or volume of the transaction.
  • No limit to the commission you can earn
    We do not set any limits on the volume of commission credited. You will get your commission from all trades by the Clients you have signed up regardless of the overall volume of trades.
  • No limit to withdraw commission
    You can withdraw commission at any time with no minimum or maximum limits to the withdrawal amounts; There is no limit based on transaction timings; The amount of commission credited and withdrawn is based on trading volume not on the volume of the Clients' deposits. There is no limit on commission withdrawals per day/week/month; There is no target number of Clients needed before commission is paid; There is no minimum timing between opening and closing a trade.
  • Detailed statistics are at your disposal
    You will have summary and detailed statistical information on the agents' commissions from the Clients you have signed up.