Odin Forex Regional Representatives

Odin Forex is committed to operating a highly professional brokerage that meets the needs of all manner of clients, from individual traders and independent brokers to large corporate clients interested in hedging and investment assets. Opening a branch office in your region is a way for individuals and companies to partner with Odin Forex at a more advanced level of internet trading. As a large dealing center, we have to meet the stringent requirements of modern business. Odin Forex is open to innovation and confident about the future.It is for this very reason that establishing a branch office in your region will bring significant advantages to both parties.
The most advantageous terms for regional representatives
Odin Forex goes the extra mile to make it easy for you to open a branch office in your region. We will provide you with our standard POS and Odin Forex promotional materials, help you develop your own exclusive materials, and provide consultations while you get started. Our corporate site will direct traffic to your branch office, and we will issue an official press release to clients once your office is open. Odin Forex specialists can also help you organize seminars and training for your future employees at our headquarters. In other words, we give you everything you need to make your branch office a success. Once you are up and running successfully, Odin Forex will work with you to develop special offers and services tailored to meet the needs of your local market.
The next step
If you are ready to set up in business with Odin Forex you should send an inquiry to our marketing team. In your inquiry you should indicate the region where you plan to set up operations and also supply a brief business plan which must indicate your initial potential.

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